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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unit 8

1. The two exercises that I believe the most beneficial for me is the visualization and the subtle mind exercises. The others are also beneficial and I will continue to use them but I chose what I thought would help me to flourish and gain more control over my inner self.
The subtle mind has three levels that I will be seeking which starts with my breath and here is where I really felt and learned the importance of breathing. To still the breath stills the mind. I never gave much thought until now how busy the mind really is. I believe I will begin to gain more control over my thoughts and my life using the subtle mind practice. I believe I will have a clearer understanding of myself and my unity with God through calming my mind. I want to have positive thinking as a permanent mindset, a way of life. I can feel myself growing more focused and empowered. I can say with continued use of the subtle mind practice I will have outstanding results.

I believe as I learn to practice visualization it will also help me to become more empowered to influence others. It is the technique of using my imagination to visualize specific things I wish to have, do or be, and/or behaviors or events I desire to occur in my life.
I believe in the “Law of Attraction” that is a universal law that says all your thoughts, positive and negative, vibrate at a certain frequency and like attracts like. In other words, you get what you ask for. The frequency of your thoughts attracts things to your life vibrating at the same frequency. This happens whether you are conscious of it or not. I need to believe in myself, I need to increase my faith in God. What I possess inside of me is to freely give to others. Before I give I must have an abundance of inner strength faith, hope, loving-kindness, joy, peace, compassion and love. I believe with continued practice I will have the desires of my heart whether it be internal or material.

I have completed this year my ministry classes from Kingdom University. I hope to get additional training from other classes that are offered at the university that will increase my knowledge of God, Miracles and Healing. The most I can do to foster mental fitness is to practice these exercises until they are second nature. I believe I can only be as affective to others as I am to myself. “Practice what I am going to preach”
Brenda A.


  1. Hi Brenda,
    I think you will be touching so many people's lives just by being a positive force of God or nature. I know meditation is all about being one with nature and the universe, but as we do so, we are getting in touch with the creator.
    Good luck with your career and God bless.

  2. Brenda,you are on the right track and you will be great for whatever you decide to do! I just lost my mother-in-law this past Thursday and funeral was today. I tell you what, without this class and these practices that I have learned, I do not know how I would have made it through this weekend. It has been a very stressful, emotional roll-a-coaster ride. Thank God for the support from him, family, class mates, the instructor, and the knowledge gained in this course! Great Post!!!

  3. I too liked the visualization exercises. It has definitely helped me in my sport. The subtle mind exercises to me seemed too difficult to grasp, but it seems like you have a good handle of where you want to go with them. Good luck!

  4. The visualization exercises are a great tool and each and every one of the practices will benefit me in some way. I would like to get this job I have an interview for tomorrow and think I will use this and the Loving Kindness exercise before I go. This is a great way to meet goals for yourself whatever they may be.

  5. Hi Brenda,

    What a great post, as usual! I like how you chose the visualization and subtle mind exercises over the loving kindness exercise. You sure do love a challenge, which is great! I am glad both seem to be working for you and how you can stop the chatter of the mind in the subtle mind exercise by concentrating on your breathing. That's wonderful! Getting in touch with yourself and your spiritual side will help bring you closer to God spiritually and I get the impression from you as I read through your post. I'm glad to hear both exercises are working for you and hope you will continue with them, which I'm sure you will. Good luck to you!


  6. Brenda, changing lives and uplifting hearts is your destiny! You have a knack for love, kindness and goodness but the strength to spread love in a hateful world to make it a loving world. This prayer reminds me of you!

    Jesus help me, help others, use me per your will
    Jesus help me stay in good conscience, cleanse me.
    You blood has paid for my sins.
    I repent for my sins, and confess my sins.
    I ask forgiveness from every creature on earth, and I am now clean.
    God stop the satan to create any problems.
    In Jesus Name I pray.

    You can change the World! Luv ya!