"Happiness Lies, First Of All, In Health." ~ George William Curtis

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello and Welcome.
I was on a religious retreat this week and upon my return I felt very overwhelmed. I had to really focus to get things completed. I just wanted to be with me, and try to analyze,and expound on this magnificant week I just experienced. A person that I had met before was there and she was having some problems with her stomach. After we prayed and talked, I completed my assignment on "universal lovingkindness" I know it is a positive statement to say "all" when I was instructed to repeat the phrases. I was only able to mention by name the people I had concerns for and my friend was one of them I went into her mind and told her she had the power to receive her healing and from there I believed that she was healed.

Empathy, compassion and caring is already inside of me so it doesn't take much for me to arouse those feeling into my consciousness. My focus of growth is to discover more about myself and become more mindful. I felt that now is the time to become more creative and offer myself and my giftings more into a worldly flourishing. As always my biological flourishing is to continue to assess my nutrition and exercise and to maintain my training and wellness program as a lifetime practice. What I thought would help me flourish is to create my own personal Integral Practice program. I always enjoy giving and helping others. I believe this is a great start toward me helping myself and others. And finally I just want to become closer to me.
Brenda, A.


  1. Brenda, I am so glad that you had a great time. Wished I could have been there with you. I have got to get myself together spiritually. It is a must!!! I like your growth plan with finding more about yourself and become more mindful. I have a problem with speaking my mind a lot and can say some hurtful things to people even though I know and they know they are true. I do find that very inappropriate at times and I have really got to work on this too. Great Post and Keep up all the excellent work that you do!!!

  2. Brenda,

    I would love to have a friend like you; you are really a true believer in God and I like that. Faith is what really moves things in our lives and you’re right your friend did have her healing she just needed the faith to believe that God had healed her stomach problem.