"Happiness Lies, First Of All, In Health." ~ George William Curtis

Welcome to my network of health and healing

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Welcome, today I was very busy, I didn't get to complete my personal plans but I did exercise for an hour. I want you all to know I am grateful we are here because we are right on time for our purpose and our assignment in life.

1. I thought the practices were alike in one main way and that is they both focus on breathing. Breathing is the catalyst in helping the transformation. They both are training the mind to reach higher levels of consciousness.

The practices have two different goals we are seeking to achieve. The lovingkindness practice is intended to guide our breathing to heal the suffering as we decrease our focus on ourselves and our needs as we transfer compassion onto others. the primary goal is to create a heart felt lovingkindness that diminishes your self centeredness and quiets your mind.

The subtle mind is more intentional and purposeful process. Our goal is to cultivate wisdom by training and taiming the mind. We are reaching toward psychospiritual flourishing. The subtle mind practice is the strive for unity consciousness and pure awareness.

2. Pending

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have always believed that I could feel the flow of loving-kindness. I have felt it many times as I am thinking about others and wanting the best for them. Now I have learned that is a practice and I will benefit and become skilled in performing it often. I read in an article that the practicing of loving kindness helps to keep the mind open and sweet. Sometimes when people wrong you, it’s hard to maintain that sweet flow of forgiveness and love that is achieved with the flow of loving kindness.

(1) The CD was a wonderful experience. It helped me focus on an inner spiritual awareness that I have thought about often in the past. Today I will be writing down in my journey journal to practice, study and embrace the feeling "loving-kindness". The CD also gave me more clarity on understanding what lovingkindness is. It also helped me manage some negative feelings I am having in regards to a family member. I was concentrating on how to breathe which was helpful for me to sustain my focus. Lovingkindness is a gift from God, it is called the fruits of the spirit. It is very important that I cherish and use this gift toward others. I recommended this activity to my mother. This CD is a message that should be shared. I believe it will help others flourish in the flow of loving kindness.

(2) In order for us to achieve a level of depthness in our psychospiritual life we must practice the concept of "mental workout." This is similar to an athlete attaining an Olympian level of fitness, he has to perform and meet a physical level of fitness. A mental workout is striving to explore our inner world and evolve our psycho spiritual life. This contemplative practice tames the minds’ ceaseless mental activities that obscure higher states of awareness. Then through this mental training we gain access to the more subtle levels of the mind, witnessing, consciousness, the mental state of calm-abiding, and the pure awareness of a unity consciousness. Research studies and also personal reports have demonstrated that mental training can transform the mind by reducing disturbing emotions that causes anger, hatred, fear, worry, confusion and doubt. It enhances positive emotions such as patience, loving-kindness, openness, acceptance and happiness. This mental transformation, acting through the mind/body connection, provides enhanced resistance to mental distress and physical disease and overall promotes well being.

I believe I can implement mental works for fostering my psychological in order for me to achieve a level of psychological health is to start with the practice session on pg. 68 in (Dacher, 2006). I can begin this practice at least 15 minutes a day. I will do it in the mornings because It will help me start my day off clear of distractions and purposeful. I now have access to a wonderful CD by Dacher that is a phenomenal instructional guide that will mentor me until I am able to become independent.

“May your heart be happy and at peace!”

Friday, March 12, 2010

Rating My Wellbeing!

As I reflect on my well-being, My honesty is in being true to thyself. In this life there is always room for improvement and it is also important that I am always striving and seeking for that higher self.

A-Physical Wellbeing- I rate a 6. I am actively involved in exercise and healthy eating. My weaknes is I need to pump it up a few notches to see a drastic reduction in my weight, this will help me in reaching my goal of losing weight and a lifetime of healthy practices.

B. Spiritual Wellbeing-I rate a 6. I am always striving to touch God. I know that He touches me everyday to provide me means of survival. the air that I breathe is God's. "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHARD I SHALL NOT WANT" My goal is to walk in my destiny.

C.Psychological Wellbeing-I rate a 6. This part of my holistic being is flourishing. My goal is to become more involved in me. continue educating, learning is power. Become more creative in music and my hobbies, Increase in Emotional Intelligence.

Balance is the best way I can describe obtaining my goals. Live, learn and Play my life to the fullest every day.


I enjoyed the relaxation exercise. It was more like an awakening for me. My mind started thinking that I would love to create my own relaxation cd. He said to repeat after him "my life has a meaningful purpose." His positive statements were very encouraging. It continued to guide me toward thinking how nice it would be if I were to do my onw relaxation exercises and performing self talk on my self. It was another learning experience into the world of relaxation.
Brenda A.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I really enjoyed the CD on relaxation. It was truly a new experience for me I am looking forward to engaging more into the concept of meditation and relaxation. I am a believer of the benefits.
Love, Peace and Happiness
B.F. Alexander

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Welcome to my mind, body and spirit network. Our health and wellness is dependent on the mind body and spirit working together as a unit. Here we will share our beginnings as we strive toward an "Integrated" approach toward health and wellnes.