"Happiness Lies, First Of All, In Health." ~ George William Curtis

Welcome to my network of health and healing

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Welcome to my mind, body and spirit network. Our health and wellness is dependent on the mind body and spirit working together as a unit. Here we will share our beginnings as we strive toward an "Integrated" approach toward health and wellnes.

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  1. Hi Brenda,
    I guess we all in our infancy phase of blogger, we are a newborn bloggers :)
    I did listen to the CD but I could not get myself to concentrate the way I were supposed to.
    Did I mention it is hard for me to concentrate because I have short attention span (I am restless). In order for me to pay attention I need to accompany music with a visual aid.
    The visual aid lead me to find great videos on youtube, videos of soft music that help me meditate and at the same time the videos are full of beautiful scenaries that just help me relax.
    I will post the link for few of those and they are mainly Reiki relaxation music except the last one that is a native American spiritual music;