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Friday, March 12, 2010

Rating My Wellbeing!

As I reflect on my well-being, My honesty is in being true to thyself. In this life there is always room for improvement and it is also important that I am always striving and seeking for that higher self.

A-Physical Wellbeing- I rate a 6. I am actively involved in exercise and healthy eating. My weaknes is I need to pump it up a few notches to see a drastic reduction in my weight, this will help me in reaching my goal of losing weight and a lifetime of healthy practices.

B. Spiritual Wellbeing-I rate a 6. I am always striving to touch God. I know that He touches me everyday to provide me means of survival. the air that I breathe is God's. "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHARD I SHALL NOT WANT" My goal is to walk in my destiny.

C.Psychological Wellbeing-I rate a 6. This part of my holistic being is flourishing. My goal is to become more involved in me. continue educating, learning is power. Become more creative in music and my hobbies, Increase in Emotional Intelligence.

Balance is the best way I can describe obtaining my goals. Live, learn and Play my life to the fullest every day.


  1. Brenda, you have come up with so great reasons and goals of why you rated yourself like you did. I have got a major problem with all of well-beings. The spirtiual well-being is my biggest down fall. I have got to start treating my life as a precious one just like the book stated. God put us here on this earth in the bodies we are in and it is a blessing for me to be here. I have got to respecting his work a lot more than what I do. I really am taking some of your suggestions to heart!!!

  2. Brenda, it seems as if you have this blogging thing down pack. I love your layout. I need to take some pointers from you LoL. Great job on the assignment it seems like you have it undercontrol.

  3. Hey there darling! How are you doing tonight?? I am pretty good myself. Anway, I just wanted to say I enjoyed reading you blog of the week for our class. You seem to be on the right track to recognizing your strong points and your weak ones also. I think if you focus hard on your goals you will be well on your way to moving those numbers up a little higher!

    When you mentioned you need to be more involved in you for your spiritual goal I can totally relate. I used to be in a 6 year relationship where everything mattered about the b/f but nothing about myself. It started to become really unhealthy for me, and I put an end to it even though it was one of the hardest things in my life. Don't be self-centered, but keep in mind that this is your life, and your opinions should matter!!

    GREAT BLOG!!! I hope you have a lovely night!

  4. You are better off then most of us. You have a nice balance between the three categories. I bet if you step them all up a little you will definitely see the health benefits.

  5. I can't believe you only rate yourself at a 6! Maybe I should reconsider my 7's because you seem much better at this than me. Thanks for sharing your goals, I hope you achieve them! I have confidence you will.