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Friday, March 5, 2010


I really enjoyed the CD on relaxation. It was truly a new experience for me I am looking forward to engaging more into the concept of meditation and relaxation. I am a believer of the benefits.
Love, Peace and Happiness
B.F. Alexander


  1. I enjoyed the Cd as well. I have done numerous meditation examples in other classes and I feel it is hard for me to completely relax. Some other forms of relaxation work better for me. How do you feel this stacks up against other ways?

  2. Kevin, I have learned Lamaz, for child birth and this technique is similar, however it seems not to stack up nearly as well. I will say I was unable to relax during either one of my natural child births with these techniques. I simply could not concentrate on the breathing and relaxing over the pain of the contractions!!! I would be interested in learning other ways to relax, do you have any other suggestions? Didn't you take the stress management cours?

  3. Brenda, the CD was great! I like the fact that it is ours to keep and use anytime we want to. I really need to listen to it more often. I can not wait to hear some suggestions from fellow classmates on other methods or techniques used in relaxation.

  4. Kevin, I am a believer in what works for one may not give the same effects to anothe. As long as the outcome is positive, I say "keep on keeping on!"