"Happiness Lies, First Of All, In Health." ~ George William Curtis

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Saturday, May 1, 2010


1). My score for the spiritual, physical, and psychological well-being was a 6 on each assessment in unit 3. I gained an eight in the three areas now at the close of the semester. The scores have increased because I am now more conscious and have a clearer understanding of my personal efforts I must do to get to that special place of my purpose in life.

2). I believe I am meeting my goals and I am reviewing my goals regularily for compliance. I am progressing in all three areas. It is a continued effort and awareness. I work and have included my music practices to help me further fulfilling my desires.

Spiritual-Yes I believe I am progessing because I am doing my prayer and seeking God for my purpose.

psychological-I are continuing to work on my knowledge by educating and increasing my understanding of integral health.

Physical-I have lost weight but I need to make some adjustments in my work outs and my diet, which I need to increase my protein intake in the AM. I am on a limited intake this week of fresh fruits and limited meats hoping this will help rev up my metabolism.

3). Yes I am currently working on the activities I chose to help me.

4). My well being has improved in all three areas. I have graduated from my school of ministery and attending continued follow-up sessions. I feel stronger physically which is evidenced by my work outs. I am losing weight each week. My mental attitude is more positive. I have my coworkers thanking me for helping them and I am very grateful. I am working on loving my self, keeping the right attitude and increasing my knoweledge in mind body and spirit healing. The entire class has been rewarding, it gave me the start of new beginnings. My difficult times has been handling work and getting my classswork done. As my classmate stated "knowledge is the key." This is the first step I need to assist in helping others


  1. Hi Brenda,
    Congradulation on both lossing the weight and your graduation from the school of ministery. I think this course helped all of us be more conscious about our health and helped us promote a healthy life style by simple practices. I am happy I took and happier that I met all of you.
    Take care and keep it up. All the luck.

  2. That is amazing you scored yourself an 8 on all three in just a semester! You must really be feeling the benefits. I hope you the best in your future.